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Our Story

Our Story
The origins of Dobra Tea began in Prague during the last few years of Communism. A group of young tea drinkers began meeting to sample rare Indian, Chinese, and Japanese teas which had been smuggled into Czechoslovakia. Read our whole story here.

Travel Diaries

Travel Diaries
The Devoteas of Dobra have traveled the world in search of the best teas, meeting the growers, and experiencing the local markets and culture in areas where tea is an important way of life. Our Menu is very much the result of our travels and some of our Travel Diaries are recorded here.

Our Teas

White Tea

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For Hungry Tea Drinkers

For Hungry Tea Drinkers

Dobra Tea is committed to support local farmers and local food production. To make your experience as pleasant as possible, many of our offerings are gluten-free and vegan and all are vegetarian.

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