Tea Sets

  • Tasting Set

    Traditional tea tasting set used around the world for sampling and comparing tea.

  • Gaiwan Set

    A set for your favorite Chinese green or oolong tea. One ounce of tea included!

  • Japanese Matcha Set

    All the teaware you need to create a Japanese Tea Ceremony at home.

  • Yerba Mate Set

    Make Mate at home! Bombilla, Gourd, and leaf.

  • Petr Novak Shiboridashi

    These Shiboridashi (Japanese gaiwan or small teapot) and other teapots are hand-crafted and fired by famous Czech potter Petr Novak.

  • Fortel Lantern Teapot Set

    A classic Dobra tea set hand-made in the Czech Republic by one of our master potters, Mr. Fortel.

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