Tea Cups

  • China Sand Cups

    A well-balanced porcelain teacup, suitable for almost any tea but particularly appropriate for Chinese infusions.

  • Indian Chai Cups

    Small painted ceramic cups for traditional Indian street Chai. On the streets of Indian cities you will see unglazed versions of these which are tossed to break on the ground after use, but these beautifully designed cups are better suited for multiple uses.

  • Laura Baum Teacups

    Local artist Laura Baum has created some amazing teaware for us. Beautiful Japanese-inspired teacups are now available for purchase at the tearoom. Laura lived in Asia for close to two decades, learning the traditional art styles of China, Nepal, and Japan.

  • Touareg Glass Cups

    Traditional Moroccan teacups! Glowing in different colored glass with intricate painted patterns.

  • Japanese Tea Cups

    Japanese-style tall tea cups. Suitable for any type of tea, but green tea particularly.

  • Thick Ceramic Teacups

    Hand-made Czech teacups in the wide Chinese style with a thick rim to protect your fingers.

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