Warming Teas

  • Liu Bao

    A unique and ancient tea from Guanxi, properly of the category "Hei Cha", these aged leaves produce a healthy and soothing infusion like a smooth red wine.

  • Bai Mu Dan

    We offer you the highest quality Bai Mu Dan, a beloved white tea which gives several infusions.

  • Matcha Kyoto

    Matcha is a first class type of stone-ground powdered tea and is used for the Japanese tea ceremony.

  • Hotcha

    Steaming, frothy Matcha tea is gently warmed with milk or soy milk and a dash of organic sugar.

  • Feng Huang Dan Cong

    Though a traditional oolong, this tea has a mysteriously sweet and fruity flavor comparable to grapefruit or apricot.

  • Jin Zhen Golden Buds

    Super Fine Mao Feng tips from the province of Yunnan.

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