Relaxing Teas

  • Purple Buds Mao Cha

    Limited-edition. A delicate imperial-pick tea made from an uncommon purple-leaf cultivar of Yunnan tea leaf. The aroma and taste of sweet mango with the body of a Silver Needles white tea.

  • Yin Zhen

    A classic white tea from Fujian Province, consisting solely of sweet tips.

  • Long Jing

    This legendary tea takes its name from the mystical “Dragon Well”, a quartz-lined spring near Hangzhou village in Zhejiang.

  • Putuo Shan Fo Cha

    A quiet strength arises out of these tiny leaves, calling to mind the focused thought of the meditation hall.

  • Tian Mu Long Zhu

    An extra-fine, high quality green tea made from selected fresh tips with a flowery taste, the aroma of a mountain breeze, and a unique appearance.

  • Nok Cha

    A seasonal variety of green tea from the Jirishan mountain range on the southern Korean coast.

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