Energizing Teas

  • 2002 Mengma Sheng

    Limited edition tea. The heavy taste of age and leather drapes the tongue with a subtle sweetness that follows at its end. Its brightness rests long after each sip, soaking into the spirit.

  • Kyoto Kinen

    A Japanese delight, made with powdered matcha green tea, milk and honey. The tea is quickly infused, then shaken with other ingredients to produce a frothy tea milkshake. The recipe is from our friend, Master Takada, a Japanese tea planter from Kyoto.

  • Dian Lu Eshan

    No other tea is comparable to this sparkling, pale green infusion which offers unique and inimitable delights of taste and aroma.

  • Simao Long Zhu

    Hand rolled green tea in an unusually large size from the province of Yunnan in southern China.

  • Koicha

    Koicha, or Thick Tea, is an extremely high grade of Japanese Matcha.

  • Usucha

    Usucha (Thin Tea) Matcha is a first class type of stone-ground powdered tea made in Japan.

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