Tea Books

Tea Books

Would you like to learn more about tea?

It’s always struck me as strange that a beverage that is the second most popular on the planet (next to water) is so misunderstood. Part of this confusion is the same reason the Opium Wars broke out between England and China in the 1800s: lack of good information about the technical aspects of tea.

What is the difference between a black tea and a green tea? What is a high-mountain oolong? Where on the map is Formosa? Why doesn’t Orange Pekoe taste like orange?

Fear not, humble tea drinker! In the last ten years, a wealth of accurate tea knowledge has been published in English.

Below are but a few of the many available resources to learn about the mysteries of tea. Read them and you will know what the Tea Devotees know…

And, lastly but certainly not least, a book that has inspired tea drinkers for over 100 years. Even if it doesn’t have very much detailed information about the styles and production of tea, without this book our tearoom would not exist.

Update: Changed links to indiebound; we’d rather support local bookshops everywhere!

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