Tastings and Ceremonies

Mystery of the Three Treasure Troves

Three aromas, three tastes and three colors from a single tea bush in the Chinese province of Yunnan! Green, black, and puer representatives of the world of Chinese tea meet on a single wooden tray at Dobrá Tea.

Beauty of Formosa

Sweet and savory, floral and rich, the Oolong teas of Taiwan bring forth flavors not found in any other tea. This set allows a delectable comparison of two teas from Pinglin, Hsin Chu, or Nantou. Follow your curiosity or allow a Tea Devotee to choose for you.

Dark Sunset and Golden Sunrise

The only style of tea to be grown all around the world, black tea (called “red tea” in China) has roots in regions as diverse as northern India, central Africa, and the high mountains of China. Now you can taste a glimpse of two of these cultures on one tray. Our choice or yours.

Spring Arrives in the Mountains

Green tea can take many forms. Over thousands of years, Chinese tea producers have coaxed amazing shapes, aromas, and flavors from the humble plant. Compare two of the most well-known teas of this category to find a balance among equals. Your choice or ask a Tea Devotee.

One set $10.50



Cha No Yu Japanese Tea Ceremony

Matcha is a first class type of stone-ground powdered tea and is used for the Japanese tea ceremony. The tea is prepared with a bamboo whisk (chasen) in a unique bowl (a chawan).The foamy infusion is fresh and deep green with an unforgettable, intense taste. Our Tea Devotees will perform a small portion of the ceremony for you and your guests.

Chanoyu Tea Ceremony $10.50

Gong Fu Fujian Tea Service

In Chinese, the words “gong fu” describe an activity that requires time and effort to master; a labor of love. On the southern coast of Fujian province, this applies not only to martial arts, but also to a sophisticated way of brewing fine oolong teas that emboldens their taste and aroma. In China, Gong Fu tea is served to old friends reminiscing about war stories, at family reunions as well as to celebrate successful business dealings.
Your choice of Oolong

  • Bao Zhong
  • Bai Hao
  • Tung Ting
  • Ali Shan
  • Tie Guan Yin
  • Feng Huang Dan Cong
  • Da Hong
  • Shui Xian



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