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Gyokuro Organic


An excellent, highly distinguished Japanese green tea. Its gourmet taste and fresh grassy aroma of spring makes it a touch of heaven in the cup. This tea is one of Japan’s most prized products. It is hand harvested on specially shaded fields and guarantees an experience beyond the everyday, and one enhanced when it is properly brewed. Dark green flat and fine leaves, of uniform size, with a fresh grassy aroma and gourmet taste. The Gyokuro type of tea is sought after for its typically strong, vegetal flavour, and exceptional bright green color, which is brought out when it is prepared in miniature pouring pots or in the porcelain “mini-Japan” tea service. Usually this tea bears three successive steepings without losing its sovereign quality.

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Put 10g of tea into a 0.25 l pot and pour water that should be no hotter than 60°C (140F). Water should be left off the boil for several minutes, or transferred to a cold pot to bring down the temperature before it’s put on the tea. The tea is ready after ½ a minute. It is essential to divide the tea between the cups in a way that ensures no water is left in the pot, and then it is possible to steep the tea again, ideally after 40 seconds. We serve this tea with a pot of hot water over a burner for further infusions.

Or you can prepare like other Japanese teas, as is Sencha.


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