2021 Bi Luo Chung - Blue-Green Spirals
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2021 Bi Luo Chung – Blue-Green Spirals


A tea originally from the province of Jiangsu, produced exclusively by hand in the village of Dong Shan, situated on a promontory surrounded by the mystical lake of Tai Hu. Tiny dark green to silver leaves, rolled in spirals into small needles. Even after several infusions these yield a subtle green brew with an unobtrusively astringent flavour. The appearance, rarity and mode of gathering the youngest spring leaves which are picked while neighbouring fruit trees are blooming (only those newly opened top leaves with hair on their lower side), has earned this tea a unique reputation.

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place 5 – 7g of tea leaves into a heated pot and pour on water at a temperature of around 70°C (155-160 F). For subsequent infusions (a maximum of 4-5) gradually increase the temperature of the water.

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