Yerba Mate

We are proud to offer our customers an Organic, Fair Trade mate of superb leaf quality. Yerba, the sacred Paraguayan tea plant, is the traditional daily drink of the Guarani. We serve it in a typical gourd with a drinking straw or “bombilla”. The infusion has an earthy aroma and a strongly herbal taste that can be softened by the addition of local honey.

Mate is usually carried about by one person or shared in a circle with friends, one sipping the tea and then refilling the gourd with water before passing affectionately to the next friend.

It is good for late nights of study, reading, when the day’s mood needs an upward lift, or for animated conversation with friends. We do not recommend mate for children or anyone highly sensitive to caffeine.

gourd (with or without honey) $5.00

mate familia gourd for 5 or more $6.50

$2.00 per oz (bulk)

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