Special Teas

Although most of our tea selection is orthodox loose leaf, we do have several blends both unique and traditional.

  • Memories of Prague

    Our special recipe: black Assam leaf tea mixed with bitter chocolate. A favorite among our American visitors in the Czech Republic.

  • Chai, Chai, Chai!

    Memories of India. A black Indian Assam tea simmered in milk and strongly sweetened, prepared in the traditional way.

  • Masala Chai

    A ritual based on an Indian recipe. Tea with a mixture of spices: fennel, cinnamon, ground ginger, cardamom, orange peel and cloves.

  • Taste of Kashmir

    A drink with an aroma that summons the seductive distances of the East. A blend of green and oolong teas with dried apples, orange peel and cloves.

  • Touareg

    Named for the nomadic tribe of Northern Africa, a sweetened green leaf tea mixed with the ground Moroccan “Nana” mint.

  • Boston Tea Party

    Smoky Chinese Zhu Cha green and Chocolatey Qi Hong black in one cup; a Dobrá original.

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