Puer Tea

Oxidized, fermented, and aged. Damp leaves are placed in the hot sun to wither in the manner of a green or black tea. They are then pile fermented and aged in either dry or humidity-controlled conditions for a time ranging from 4 months to many years.

  • Lao Shu Bing Cha

    From the Lao Shu tea gardens in the Xishuangbanna jungles of Southern Yunnan this large variety of puer sun is marked by its abundance of wild tree leaves.

  • Chi Tse Bing Cha

    A large “ripe” or shou puer processed through special fermentation, aging, steaming and compressing.

  • Xiang Wei Tuo Cha

    This dark “ripe” variety is shaped in a traditional bird’s nest.

  • Zhao Li Qiao

    This dense, fully oxidized brick is the most full-bodied and down- to-earth puer in our tearoom.

  • Shou Xiao Wan

    These tea leaves, processed in Southwest China province of Yunnan, are pressed into miniature bowl shapes (Xiao Wan) resembling little sweets.

  • Cha Tou Shou Cha

    This tea’s flavor has become quite popular in Yunnan for its well-matured, persistent qualities.

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