Puer Tea

Oxidized, fermented, and aged. Damp leaves are placed in the hot sun to wither in the manner of a green or black tea. They are then pile fermented and aged in either dry or humidity-controlled conditions for a time ranging from 4 months to many years.

  • Mandarin Puer

    Traditional ripe puer cha packed into mandarin rinds and stored so as to take on an allure of citrus.

  • 2002 Mengma Sheng

    Limited edition tea. The heavy taste of age and leather drapes the tongue with a subtle sweetness that follows at its end. Its brightness rests long after each sip, soaking into the spirit.

  • Purple Buds Mao Cha

    Limited-edition. A delicate imperial-pick tea made from an uncommon purple-leaf cultivar of Yunnan tea leaf. The aroma and taste of sweet mango with the body of a Silver Needles white tea.

  • Liu Bao

    A unique and ancient tea from Guanxi, properly of the category "Hei Cha", these aged leaves produce a healthy and soothing infusion like a smooth red wine.

  • Bai Ya Bing Cha

    White puer is “raw”, like green puer, but mostly tips are used and the leaves are not allowed to wither quite as much.

  • Qing Bing Cha

    Carefully dried in the sun, steamed, and pressed into bricks, this puer offers a hearty, earthy cup.

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