Oolong Teas

Semi-oxidized. The harvest of oolong teas ranges from 15%-70% oxidation. Fresh leaves may be roasted over open fire, tumble dried to bring out floral qualities or baked in bamboo baskets.

  • Wulong Cha

    Dark twisted leaves yield an infusion of rich amber liquor with a full taste that boasts of rye bread or roasted nuts.

  • Bao Zhong

    From Pinglin in Taiwan, this fine, lightly oxidized Oolong is characterized by long, thin leaves.

  • Tung Ting

    A flowery, slightly oxidized Taiwanese tea, rolled when soft into little irregular oval balls by a special pressing and drying technique.

  • Bai Hao

    Fresh leaves are harvested just after the cicadas pass through the fields, encouraging the plants to develop a honey flavor and a golden sheen.

  • Ali Shan

    In these high mountain gardens, weather conditions offer plenty of fog and lower temperatures which are ideal for producing the best oolong leaves.

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