Green Teas

Unoxidized. Chinese greens are gently pan-fried to stop their oxidation process while fresh leaves are quickly steamed in Japan.

  • Tamaryokucha Kyoto

    This brilliant tea hails from the Kyushu Island area as a first class type of green tea, appropriate for festive occasions.

  • Yamacha

    This high mountain grown sencha tea is cultivated in the region of Hamamatzou.

  • Kamairicha

    Unique among Japanese sencha, the leaves of this style are steamed and then gently pan-fried to bring out toasted qualities, similar to Chinese style teas.

  • Sencha Kyoto

    Sencha grants the tea lover many crisp infusions with a distinctly cleansing feeling. A good tea for a quiet get-together with close friends.

  • Bancha Kyoto

    A bold style of Japanese tea, intended for everyday drinking.

  • Kukicha Kyoto

    A tea made from both fragrant leaves and nutty stalks. Our variety is made from the same bushes and leaves used for Gyokuro, giving its soft flavor a finesse and sweetness.

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