Green Teas

Unoxidized. Chinese greens are gently pan-fried to stop their oxidation process while fresh leaves are quickly steamed in Japan.

  • Liu An Guapian

    A full-bodied tea, with an unusually fresh taste and fragrance.

  • Lu Mu Dan

    Pleasing the eye as much as it pleases the mouth, this tea is made from green tea leaves hand tied together to make a flower-shaped pod.

  • Mao Jian

    This distinguished green tea is found in China’s Anhui Province. Its leaves are small and uniform, distinguished by tiny silvery tips.

  • Tian Mu Long Zhu

    An extra-fine, high quality green tea made from selected fresh tips with a flowery taste, the aroma of a mountain breeze, and a unique appearance.

  • Simao Long Zhu

    Hand rolled green tea in an unusually large size from the province of Yunnan in southern China.

  • Zhu Cha

    Known as "pearl" tea in China, this classic variety is widely known as “gunpowder” in the West.

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