Black and Red Teas

Fully oxidized. Fresh leaves are gently rolled and placed on flat screens to wither. A deep enzymatic oxidation of the freed polyphenols brings out caramel and tannic flavors. The leaves are then quickly dried at high heat.


  • Dian Hong

    An aromatic tea from the southwestern province of Yunnan, this tea features fine, mahogany leaves with an abundance of orange-gold tips.

  • Qi Hong Mao Feng

    This vermillion brew recalls chocolate and roasted chestnuts.

  • Jin Zhen Golden Buds

    Super Fine Mao Feng tips from the province of Yunnan.

  • Zheng Shan Xiao Zhong

    This highly esteemed Chinese tea is processed over a fire of pine logs, giving it its unrivaled smoky aroma and taste.

  • Hong Mu Dan

    Pleasing the eye as much as it pleases the mouth, this display tea is made from tea leaves hand tied together to make a flower-shaped pod.

  • Darjeeling First Flush

    A delicacy among tea lovers, the scent and flavor remind one of a walk in a rainy flower garden.

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