Limited-Edition Puer

Limited-Edition Puer

We have two new Puers that you can sip in our tearoom for a limited time. And you really should! These have some fantastic aromas and flavors to share.

The first is our 2002 Meng Lian Xian Meng Ma Sheng cake. This wonderful addition to our menu is a well-aged cake tea from the unusual area of Menglian County in south-western Yunnan (孟连县勐马), nearly in Burma. Stored in warm conditions since 2002 (Simao and Kunming), this tea has developed a bold and delicious character. The aroma of fallen leaves as they lie in November is immediate from the dark cherry red liquor. The heavy taste of age and leather drapes the tongue with a subtle sweetness that follows at its end. Worth every infusion, especially since you can get upwards of 20 infusions from these hardy leaves! (We are also selling this as a full cake while our supply lasts.)

The second is some loose Purple Bud Mao Cha. This is a delicate imperial-pick tea made from an uncommon purple-leaf cultivar of Yunnan tea. It has the aroma and taste of sweet mango with the body of a Silver Needles white tea. The liquor is a flaxen gold. The taste is gentle and soothing, but with the unmistakable dry character of sheng (raw) Puer. The wet leaves smell of dried strawberries in Spring. Mao Cha (毛茶) is unfinished puer; these are the prepared leaves that are then sent on to the tea factory to be made into puer cakes and aged.

They aren’t on the menu just yet, so feel free to ask a Tea Devotee if you’d like one of these teas in your gaiwan.

Qǐng hē!

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