Japanese Tea with Mr. Takada

Japanese Tea with Mr. Takada

March 10th, 2012

Hi everyone, we are really excited to announce the visit of Mr.Takada, Dobra’s supplier and friend from Japan, who is going to present 3 tea tasting demonstrations at the tearoom.

The tastings will be on March 10, and the times will be 9am, 12pm, and 7pm.

Masahiro Takada is traveling to Burlington from Japan. He has created a new type of Japanese Tea Ceremony – Chakabuki – to mimic the traditional “tea fights” enacted by Samurai warriors many years ago.

Five different Japanese teas will be presented including “Happy Tea” demonstration, Tea Infusing and Eating, Roasting Hojicha, and Cherry Blossom Sencha. Takada-san also brings with him a video showcasing Japanese tea harvesting, Matcha processing, and the Northern Japan Tsunami Relief Report. A special Genmaicha Denbei Senbei will also be served.

Call or stop by the tearoom to purchase a ticket. Seating is limited for each time, so get yours early!

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