Gift Boxes

Gift Boxes

We often make recommendations to our customers for a tea to bring home to their kitchen. What we don’t usually have the opportunity to do is make a suggestion on the best teaware to use for those leaves. As you probably know if you’ve visited our shop, we strive to serve each tea in a traditional manner appropriate to its country. It’s definitely not the only way to make any given tea, but it does add a little something to each cup.

Well now we have a way for you to create that same experience at home or give that experience to a friend (especially appropriate at this time of year). We have several packaged Gift Box Sets that include some excellent tea and the perfect teaware to infuse it.

If your interest is the huge world of Chinese tea, you may like our Gaiwan set, which includes a Chinese Gaiwan, a package of Green tea (1 oz of your choice), a timer and thermometer.

We also have a Japanese Matcha set, including a bamboo Chasen whisk, Chashaku scoop, and a beautifully crafted Chawan bowl. It’s perfect to use with your favorite fine Matcha tea.

It’s not tea, but many times we’ve been asked about how to make our Yerba Mate at home. We now have a Mate set as well, including a Gourd, Bombilla straw, and some Mate leaf.

Of course, we also have quite a large selection of other high-quality teaware, so feel free to ask a Tea Devotee how to bring out the best flavor in your favorite tea!

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