Fresh 2012 Japanese Gyokuro

Fresh 2012 Japanese Gyokuro

Straight from Japan, our fresh organic Nagatani Gyokuro has arrived!

It’s been a year since we’ve carried this wonderful tea due to shortages on the farm where it is grown. A rarity among Japanese teas, Gyokuro bushes are covered with straw mats or tarps for a short period of the growing season just before picking (usually about two weeks) and the leaves are hand-harvested (most Japanese tea is harvested by machine).

Gyokuro means “jade dew”, reflecting the deep green color of the finished leaves brought about by the shading process. Not just any Japanese tea bush can be made into this tea. The cultivars used are rich, low in astringency, and full of that most treasured of Japanese tastes, “umami”. Mr. Nagatani fertilizes his garden with fish cakes, adding to the oceanic, salty-rich taste of the Gyokuro he produces.

In the tearoom, we infuse this tea at a much lower temperature and for a much longer time than most of our Japanese green teas to help bring out the full body of Gyokuro without any bitterness. Please come in and ask a Devotea to brew you a cup!

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