Dobra in the community . . .

Dobra in the community . . .

Bringing Tea to the World:

As part of our commitment to tea education, we have partnered with several community-based organizations this Spring. On a windy day in April, we served Indian black and Japanese green tea on the UVM campus as part of the Sustainability Fair. Only the tips of the tea plant are harvested each year, so tea plants can yield fresh tea for decades and even hundreds of years! What a wonderfully sustainable plant.

In March, we opened new and experienced tea drinkers by offering Japanese loose leaf and matcha tastings at the Matsuri festival held at Aikido of Champlain Valley. Dobra’s daifuku mochi was also a popular treat.

The first weekend in May we served Indian Chai and Tulsi Basil herbal tisane at the Burlington Yoga Conference. We even set up a mini Dobra tearoom at the conference to provide a quiet space to rejuvenate between yoga classes.  Loose leaf tea, teaware, and sweet treats are available at all of our events.

We hope to continue our mission of spreading the joy of tea by partnering with other community events in the future. Look for us out in the world and on the street.

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