• White or Blue Gaiwan

    A white porcelain gaiwan (lidded bowl) for brewing almost any sort of tea.

  • Houhin

    Japanese-style small teapot suitable for almost any sort of tea.

  • Japanese Teapot

    A larger teapot with a built-in ceramic infuser to make any of your favorite full-leaf teas.

  • Glass Teapot and Warmer

    A glass teapot with a wire strainer, this is very useful both for infusing and for displaying your beautiful tea leaves! The matching base will keep your tea warm for hours on a single tea light candle.

  • Petr Novak Shiboridashi

    These Shiboridashi (Japanese gaiwan or small teapot) and other teapots are hand-crafted and fired by famous Czech potter Petr Novak.

  • China Sand Pot

    A classic Chinese-style teapot, custom-made for us in the Czech Republic.

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