Chilled Teas

We offer many chilled and iced teas to suit your mood.

  • Chilled Wulong

    The roasted taste of this unsweetened, dark Fujian Oolong is surprisingly and pleasantly thirst-quenching on hot summer days.

  • Staroborshov

    Our most famous: dark oolong tea shaken with fruit sugar produces a frothy "head" like a draft beer, but it's only tea here! Named for a famous pub street in Prague, it has a roasted, slightly tannic flavor and is a great thirst quencher.

  • Kyoto Kinen

    A Japanese delight, made with powdered matcha green tea, milk and honey. The tea is quickly infused, then shaken with other ingredients to produce a frothy tea milkshake. The recipe is from our friend, Master Takada, a Japanese tea planter from Kyoto.

  • Mate Verano

    ¡Esta rico! Dobrá’s excellent chilled Mate recipe, invented by one of our own devotees, features our delicious Yerba Mate blended with mint, fresh orange and a modest portion of honey. Sure to refresh and stimulate.

  • Chilled Rooibos Chai

    Rich herbal Rooibos blended with our superb masala spices, milk, and organic sugar. Served ice cold.

  • Forest Dragon

    Perhaps our most prolific of chilled teas, the Forest Dragon provides gentle luck and fierce flavor!

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