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Dobra Tea strives to offer teas of the highest quality, support local farmers and local food production. We source our tea directly from tea plantations in countries around the world, but we source our food directly from local farmers, chefs, and bakers here in Vermont. Some of our local partners include the Anatolian, Dasha’s Bohemian Treats, Poorhouse Pies, On The Rise Bakery, Full Moon Farm, Doe’s Leap Farm, Vermont Hummus Company, Wholey Cacao, Chef Papi, Square Deal Farm, and Champlain Valley Apiary. We invite you to relax in our tearoom and enjoy the local offerings. For our vegetarian food and snack options, please see our section For Hungry Tea Drinkers.

Our way of serving tea is inspired by the traditions of the East. The preparation, serving, and sale of tea in the Dobra Tearoom is in the hands of Tea-Devotees who are highly knowledgeable in the science of tea and skilled in a variety of special tea techniques, tricks of the trade, and mysteries. As these vary so much, here is a guide to the basic principles which the Dobra Tearoom observes:

  • teas whose first infusions generate immediate strength and potency are served in hand crafted teapots with the leaves removed for your ease.
  • teas which can be infused many times are served in unique teapots appropriate to the country of origin and are accompanied by additional hot water with instructions.
  • a solitary tea-drinker is traditionally served with a “Gaiwan” or similar sized pot depending on their tea of choice.

Our Teas

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